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Asset Lifecycle Management

Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) covers everything from acquisition to retirement, offering secure storage, seamless ticketing system, and easy deployment. See below how our ALM service can benefit your organization.

What Soteria can do

Designed to streamline hardware management in today’s workplace

Not only do our tailor made ALM solutions cater for all aspects in managing user’s hardware needs, whether they work in an office or fully remote, but also enable your staff to focus on what they do best, which is the core business offerings.

Efficient Storage and Distribution

  • Benefit from in-country warehouses
  • Customizable shipping SLAs, expedited delivery is just a request away
  • Hassle free procurement solutions available

Empowering Asset Management

  • Optimize Budget allocations
  • Plan for future refreshes & upgrades with real-time procurement data
  • Comprehensive view of asset stock and deployment locations

Seamless Hardware Management for Remote users

  • Maximize the value and lifespan of your assets
  • Minimize IT waste and expenditure
  • Certified destruction and recycling solutions available


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