uConnect – What’s Your Number?


Above my hometown of Boise, Idaho there is a ski area known as Bogus Basin (aptly named for a miner who thought he had discovered gold but, in reality, had only found “fool’s” gold.) Each morning during the ski season they recorded a message of the coming days’ snow conditions.


The fun part, as a teenager, was at the end of that tape recording there was a 5-10 second pause in which someone could shout, “Any numbers?” And, if there was someone who wanted to talk, would quickly shout their phone number. Connection made.


Today our communications have evolved. Numbers have been replaced with a name or a picture on a mobile device. Numbers, except for the first entry, don’t really mean a lot. In fact, what really matters is what Microsoft has been touting for years now … presence.


I don’t need to know your number, I need to know your color or status. Microsoft Lync tells me whether the person I am seeking is “available”, “away”, “off work”, “busy” or a favorite “be right back (… maybe).”


As much as I rebelled against “Presence” originally, in running a company and dealing with my people and customers, knowing the status of people is important; more so than their number. Having a number I get a chance to call, knowing their presence I know if I can connect.


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