What Can You Do With Office 365? Hoard Data

One of the more popular shows on cable television is about people who hoard – some one particular thing, others everything. In the IT world, if we dare to admit it, people do the same. You know them (or may be one of them), the person who has a copy of every e-mail since the dawn of email. The person who saves each version of the sales PowerPoint, “just in case.” Well, if you are an data hoarder, good news with Office 365 – you have 1 Terabyte of storage. Happy hoarding.


Our current blog series will be exploring Microsoft Office and its value today, especially to small- and medium-sized businesses. There is probably no greater value in the technology space than Office 365 … and we are going to give you a-reason-a-day during this blog series.


On-Line Storage


The concept of on-line storage has been made popular by such applications as Dropbox, Evernote, Box and a myriad of others. The idea is you pay a monthly or annual fee and get a slick interface to storage your data. With Office 365 you get that capability with OneDrive … and it comes with your Office 365 subscription. Here are some details on what you can do.


Store Files: Duh. What about storing ALL your files on OneDrive. Never worry about having access to your specific laptop/desktop, access anywhere on pretty much any device, in the cloud.


Back-Up: storing files in the cloud is the same as back-up, right? Not necessarily. Use OneDrive for system back-up targets. If and when your system fails, your restore point is in the cloud. Have a Word Press blog or website? Use your OneDrive as a back-up target in the same manner.


Sharing Files: the OneDrive interface allows you to share files with others with the click of your mouse. Share files or folders, protect access, limit read/write/copy capabilities.


Synchronize: want your data on OneDrive to be accessible on your local device, no problem. Sync the files and folders that you want, leave the rest in the cloud. Save space on your local machine and always have your data available. No internet, no problem.


Data hoarder? No worries. Office 365 has your addiction.

The Office You Know – Office 365


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