uConnect – Any to Any

I was pondering this morning about how important “any-to-any” communication is for voice communications – me connecting with someone somewhere on any device. The opposite of that would be to imagine that only Verizon users (or substitute your mobile carrier of choice) could talk to Verizon users. Or, iPhones could only call iPhones. Would make for an interesting world no doubt.


Now imagine if we had this any-to-any capability on your business voice system. What if you could have the capability to direct your inbound calls to a desk phone, to a mobile phone, to an iPad, or to a laptop soft phone?  Imagine the capability to direct that same call to all of those devices at the same time, think you would miss a call?


What if you, instead, want your calls directed to someone else and they are on a mobile, or laptop, in the same state or in Europe at the moment?  Can you voice system do that with a click of few buttons?  And, what happens when you do miss that call, do you only have one option – voicemail?  What about email? What about forwarding to your assistant and you at the same time? Imagine, again, for this to follow you, wherever you are and on any device.


Let Soteria explore with you about getting away from a monolithic voice system and allowing it to meet your unique communications needs.  We’d love to hear from you.


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