Hosted PBX – How Will It Help My Business? Simple, Web-Based Administration

This week we will be concentrating on the question of “How can changing to a hosted PBX solution for your telephony needs help your business?” Important question and we have answers.


On Day 3, we want to explore how simple it is to manage your cloud-based telephones. For starters, it is graphical, intuitive browser-based interface. Want to make changes, it is quick and easy. Want to add or delete Users, it is quick and easy. What does this mean for your business?


  • Easy moves, adds & changes: if you can open a browser, you can administer the system!

  • Manage all settings: no more calling “experts” to make changes, you are in-charge of all system settings.

  • Add & remove features: no more memorizing system code, the graphical interface allows turning off-on features with just a click of a mouse.

  • Provision new phone numbers:   adding a new User or adding a new number? Your User portal allows for self-provisioning in minutes.

  • Manage multiple offices & remote users: geography doesn’t matter anymore – all sites and users administered from the same browser!

  • Users administer their own phones: for basic functions, users can add their phone number and pin and be self-supporting.


Administration – it costs time and money (and causes headaches!) Find out how simple it is by requesting a free trial today.


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