Hosted PBX: Bring Your Phone System Out-of-the-Closet

If your organization is typical, your on-premise phone system is tucked away (often NOT neatly) in a spare closet along with the mop bucket and the half-empty bag of sidewalk salt.  And, from a business perspective, odds are that being in the closet reflects the sense of value placed on the telephony system.  After all, all phone systems are the same, right?  Not anymore.


Soteria’s CloudConnect hosted PBX offers businesses some very compelling benefits that can lower cost, increase productivity and create a differentiation from your competitors.  Here are some highlights:


  •  Mobile Flexibility:

Traditionally your phone is on your desk, at work, all the time.  What if your phone could be taken with you … virtually?  With our hosted solution you can “install” your phone on your laptop, your mobile phone, your tablet and use it anytime and anywhere you are.  It doesn’t have to stay on your desk.

  • Unlimited Calling:

A variable cost for most businesses is the time employees spend on the phone, whether it is through mobile minutes, long-distance fees/charges or leased line costs, it all adds up.  With hosted PBX, all calls within the US and Canada are free.  We also have the ability to port existing local and 800 numbers from existing carriers so your numbers stay the same.

  •  No Maintenance:

Trying to keep systems up-to-date is both time-consuming and costly.  When using a hosted PBX solution you don’t worry about annual contracts, system updates or repair costs.  Systems are always on the latest releases and the only thing you have to do is … nothing.

  •  Predictable Costs:

When buying a new, or replacing an existing system, the task of trying to predict current and future growth can be challenging.  With hosted PBX there is no initial investment and you only pay for the users on the system.  No money being wasted on buying what you need 3-5 years from now and users can be added (or deleted) at any time.

  •  Business Continuity:

A lifeline for most businesses is the ability for customers to communicate with them.  With the hosted PBX, you are guaranteed a fully reliable (99.99% up time) and fully redundant communication platform that will be there whenever you, or your customer, picks up the phone.

  •  Fully Configurable:

Most traditional phone systems are “set-and-forget”, i.e., once the installation is complete no one touches the system until it is replaced.  As a result, many of the functions and features never get turned-on.  The hosted PBX portal allows anyone to custom-configure music-on-hold, auto-attendants, custom voice prompts, hunt groups and many, many other features all through a browser interface.


Ready to try something new?  Bring your phone system out of the closet and experience the freedom.  Contact Soteria today!

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