Evolution or Transforming? What is Cloud?

In this series I will be discussing the question of, “Is cloud technology revolutionizing or transforming?” This question was raised at IngramMicro’s cloud summit a few weeks ago and it stuck in my mind; so much so, I decided to speak on this topic at an upcoming technology show in May.


As an introduction, I think people find cloud exhausting. It is like trying to describe wind. Where does it come from? Why does it blow a particular direction? Why does it blow some days and not others? Cloud is the same way. We feels it, we know it is there … but where IS it really?


Clip from “Sex Tape” movie  (7 sec.)
(NOT a sex tape movie, but the movie “Sex Tape.” Safe for all.)


So, it is a mystery. It is an enigma. It is really a colloquialism that describes computing in the same way as we would describe a cloud in the sky. Clouds are formed by droplets of water that are, of themselves, not visible, but when densely formed together appear as a single object in the sky. Cloud computing is the same: a dense set of computing resources that, when working together, appear to be one giant computing resource.


This phenomena, like clouds, have many different forms.  How companies – new and old – adapt will dictates whether it will be evolutionary or transformational for them.  Stay tuned.