Case Study – Call Center Anyone?

This week I want to spend my blog time talking about our most valuable asset – our customers. How they are utilizing our services – especially hosted VoIP – tells a more complete story than just talking about features and capabilities. Real stories, real people, real application.


Situation: existing on-premise Avaya PBX, older, out of maintenance, escalating support costs. Small business, large customer base, looking for a solution that allows for a high volume of calls, scalable, ability to port numerous local and toll-free numbers as well as the ability to interface with an on-premise IVR (Interactive Voice Response system.)


Solution: Soteria utilized cloud-based hosted VoIP solution in conjunction with Meraki cloud-based networking.


Results: the call center is fully integrated with 100% cloud-based VoIP and running a call volume of 10’s of thousands of minutes per week. More importantly, Soteria was able to integrate the IVR system which allows call routing from the IVR to agents, and/or to provide on-system information which cuts labor costs significantly.


Overall, the IT budget spent on telephony has been reduced over 30% in just one year. Soteria has also worked with the customer on other cloud-based offering for mail, back-up and continues to provide network monitoring and reporting via Meraki.


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