What Can You Do With Office 365? Simplify IT Management

Simple. Management. Two words that mean a lot when paired with each other. For those who oversee IT, they are a match made in heaven. One of the biggest costs for an organization is managing IT and, for many, those cost are not easily identifiable, buried in the complexity of salaries, software cost, etc. With Office 365 the management and cost are simple to understand AND IT is easy to manage.


Our current blog series will be exploring Microsoft Office and its value today, especially to small- and medium-sized businesses. There is probably no greater value in the technology space than Office 365 … and we are going to give you a-reason-a-day during this blog series.


Simplify IT Management


Imagine a world with no hardware. I wonder if you can. Imagine a world with no licenses to manage. I wonder if you can. Imagine a world with one administration console for managing mail and productivity. Don’t wonder on all these … YOU CAN! With Office 365 you get simplified IT … and it all comes with your Office 365 subscription. Here are some details on what you can do.


NO Hardware: For running an Exchange environment, the name of the game is hardware: servers, disk drives, constant administration of mail stores, troubleshooting, etc. With Office 365, no more.


Back-Up: Oh, need another server to back-up your mail? Archive your documents? Store email for future audit? Again, do it with Office 365.


Office On-Demand: Imagine using Office on up to 5 devices, personal or work systems. Imagine accessing from your work Windows computer and your home MAC or tablet. Imagine traveling and accessing on your mobile. Imagine not worrying about upgrading Office upon every version change. Imagine with Office 365.


One Administration Console: can you manage Users, mail, policies, etc. from one place? You can with Office 365.


Looking to simplify? No worries. Office 365 has your simple.

The Office You Know – Office 365


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