What Can You Do With Office 365? Online Meetings

A few years ago the idea of “on-line” meetings was, well, not readily accepted. This meant going out and finding a third-party provider (Webex, etc.), a monthly cost commitment (whether you used your minutes or not), and the complexity of setting it up and using each time. Today, times have changed. On-line meetings are a click away … literally.


Our current blog series will be exploring Microsoft Office and its value today, especially to small- and medium-sized businesses. There is probably no greater value in the technology space than Office 365 … and we are going to give you a-reason-a-day during this blog series.


On-Line Meetings

The first question you have to ask yourself when using Office 365 is, what kind of meeting do you want to have? Is there more than one? Hold-on, here are the options (at least the ones I have used and can think of.)


Instant Messages: Lync allows you to see everyone you want to see within your organization as well as external. You see by their “Presence” whether they are available, busy, away, etc. You can IM individuals or groups, add and subtract people on the fly.


Phone Call Meeting: right click on a name and select “call.” In a call and want more to join, click the button to add more. The more the merrier, right?


Video Meetings: have a cam on your laptop or Surface? Initiate a video call on-demand. Check your hair first.


Schedule a Meeting: person you are looking for not available or not answering? Right click and schedule a meeting. See their calendar, pick a time and send. Future meeting is set.


Can’t Remember ….: Remember having a meeting but need to know when or the content of the discussion? Right click on the person in Lync and instantly find previous meetings and discussions.


Yammer: need to have discussions that are on-going, utilize Yammer. Like “Facebook for business,” Yammer allows discussion to thread and everyone participate in the dialog.


Take your pick. On-line meetings have never been easier nor have there been so many choices. Find out more by clicking on the link below and downloading an overview flyer for Office 365.

The Office You Know – Office 365


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