What Can You Do With Office 365? Business-Class Email

There are words used in business that I marvel at their selection. Who thought of naming  _______  [fill in the blank] … ?  One of those for me is Microsoft Office. Office.  Kind of says it all in one word.  Think of all the things that happen within an office that make business work.  Naming an application Office creates some mighty big shoes to fill.


Our current blog series will be exploring Microsoft Office and its value today, especially to small- and medium-sized businesses.  There is probably no greater value in the technology space than Office 365 … and we are going to give you a-reason-a-day during this blog series.


Business-Class Email


Yes, as much as we hate it at times, it also it the lifeblood of almost every organization.  The ability to send and receive electronic mail has been one of the biggest productivity enhancements in the history of business.  Knowing no geographic, political or time boundary, email allows free flow of information.


Microsoft has always been a leader in email.  Today, Microsoft Exchange and the mail client Outlook, are the de facto mail system for the vast majority of business.  Their Office 365 offering takes the cost and complexity of owning, managing and maintaining a mail system to a valued business asset vs. a complex and, at times, painful, necessity. How?


  • Large Mailboxes:  need space, how about 50GB per User.  No more trying to keep up with users by buying disk, archiving, or other “losing battle” efforts.


  • Shared Calendars:  the opportunity to visualize your work date and commitments is priceless.  Exchange in Office 365 gives you the ability to have multiple calendars, view calendars of co-workers, schedule meeting room assets, etc.


  • Spam and Malware Protection:  have a separate system to maintain and license?  No need with the built-in protection in O365.  The cost savings alone here often pays for the entire subscription.


  • Multi-platform Access:  Using Outlook or just a web browser, using Windows, MAC or Android, using PC, tablet, mobile or laptop?  Doesn’t matter, you can access your mail on any platform, anytime, anywhere.


Click on the link below and download an overview flyer for Office 365.

The Office You Know – Office 365


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