Voice In the Cloud – To Fax or Not to Fax

Last night there was a Facebook thread from a friend explaining that someone had the audacity to request they send a fax. A fax? “Who uses a fax, let alone have a fax machine,” she exclaimed. If you are using cloud communications fax is easy. (Even though you may not use it very often.)


We continue our series this week is on cloud voice communications. What do you know (or think you know) about this powerful solution?


Fax. Still remember the first time I saw one and someone explained what it was to me. It was an ex-Army guy who said they had started using that technology as far back as the 60’s in the military (this was the early 80’s). Slide the paper in the machine, machine converts the text and images to a series of dots, transmits the dots and they are then recreated, on a piece of paper, on the other end. We thought Spock had shown up.


Faxing today is still necessary in some industries; mostly due to signature requirements for legal, medical, pension and other signatory needs. If you are one of them and still use an actual physical machine, the question is why? If you are still paying for a POTS line to put your fax machine on, the question is why? If you are still receiving faxes on paper, the question is why?


Soteria’s uConnect hosted PBX services comes with fax capability for each individual user. Each user has his/her own fax number if they wish, application to generate and send faxes from the desktop, receive faxes as emails, automatically forward to a person or distribution. No more waiting to hear the fax tone and hoping there is paper, and toner, no paper jams, etc.


Want to talk fax??


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