uConnect – How Are You “Operating”?


At the advent of the telephone, connecting two parties was a manual process. A wire would run from each home to a central office, and when a party wanted to talk to another, the Operators would “make a connection.”


Later, machines would take over this function, replacing rooms of operators with rooms of machines. Eventually, even homes and businesses had their own systems on-premise to handle multiple lines and other functions like voice-mail, conferencing, etc.


Today, with the advent of cloud-based telephony, making connections has never been simpler, more powerful or more cost-effective. Businesses now have the capability to make connections with customers, prospects and vendors and look like a Fortune 50 company doing it (AND without the cost!)


One of the projects Soteria engaged in in 2014 was talking a spin-off from a Fortune 100 company and helping them quickly and efficiently move small offices and remote users to a cloud-hosted PBX system. Set-up and provisioned with enterprise-quality features in a matter of days – all with low, per-user, per month pricing and no contract.


No Operators, no equipment, just connection!


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