Top 3 Reasons to Automate Your Social Media Tasks with Microsoft Flow.

Whether you’re managing a handful of employees or wearing a multitude of different hats in your business, tasking can be a long and often unorganized process. The first step in the process is deciding where to start– which is the most difficult of them all. Do you send an email? Buy an app or service?

With Microsoft Office for Business, you get every essential tool to grow and manage your company. Earlier this year, Microsoft released Microsoft Flow which enables businesses to create automated tasks.

So how does it work?

Setting Up Workflows. Users can now set up a workflow that manages social media posts, actions, and important emails on the web, a mobile phone, or right from their inbox.

Approve Flows. Those who are given permission to do so can manage and approve flow requests at any time. Improve your office communication with just a few clicks.

Choose from Templates. Select from a variety of secure templates to improve your productivity, make software development easier than before, and to enhance HR work.

Get notifications, synchronize files, collect data, and much more.


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