The Storage Dilemma – The Magic Quadrant

This week we will be looking at data storage. The term “storage” has many connotations in the world of IT and our goal this week it to provide answers to the dilemma of, “how do I deal with all the data being generated?” Important question and we have answers.


In the world of information technology, much like in the world of science, there are those whose job it is to study technology. Much like scientist, they probe and dissect, trying to explain why the world consumes technology the way it does and what it may do in the future. The gold standard of those organizations is Gartner (see at this LINK.)


The grand prize for companies is to be included in the “magic quadrant” study in their particular market niche. Even better, to be studied and be included in the “upper right” quadrant of the study: the area where those companies who “talk the talk” also “walk the walk …”


Soteria is proud to say as a Box partner that they are a company that “walks the talk.” In Gartner’s recent magic quadrant study (“Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing”), they ranked with only three other companies in terms of being a leader in this area: they have a completeness of vision and have the ability to execute.


Soteria is making this study available to you. Click HERE and we will send you the document for free! Our hope is that it helps you decide if Box is something to consider for your company.



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