The Storage Dilemma – The Law of Inverse Pricing


Back in 1997, Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly wrote an article that I still ponder today – “New Rules for the New Economy.” While the “New Economy” of the time faltered and died a few years later, most of the concepts lived on. One of them being costs moving to zero.


The Law of Inverse Pricing Anticipate the cheap

“One curious aspect of the Network Economy would astound a citizen living in 1897: The very best gets cheaper each year. This rule of thumb is so ingrained in our contemporary lifestyle that we bank on it without marveling at it. But marvel we should, because this paradox is a major engine of the new economy. “


In the cloud economy we have seen this phenomena play out in dramatic fashion. In our focus area this week – storage – this has played out dramatically. A few short years ago having a terabyte of anything was a lot and the cost to store one terabyte has dropped significantly. How much?


Cost per GB of Storage (1,024GB = 1 TB)

1981 – $300,000

1987 – $50,000

1990 – $10,000

1994 – $1,000

1997 – $100

2000 – $10

2004 – $1

2012 – $.10

2013 – $.06

2015 – $.04


So, what does this mean for business? Storage should be cheap, if not approaching “free” compared to a few short years ago. The key – what application is helping you make storage a valuable asset?


Our focus this week has been in the business-caliber on-line storage provider Box. They have masterfully written an application layer on top of endless storage and allows businesses to use it for file serving, collaboration, etc.


99% of Fortune 500 use Box. The one exception – Microsoft (go figure.)  How about you?


Link to Box CEO talking about their product:


Soteria is proud to say as a Box partner that they are a company that “walks the talk.” In Gartner’s recent magic quadrant study (“Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing”), they we ranked with only three other companies in terms of being a leader in this area: they have a completeness of vision and have the ability to execute.


Soteria is making this study available to you. Click HERE and we will send you the document for free! Our hope is that it helps you decide if Box is something to consider for your company.


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