The Storage Dilemma – “Box It Up”

This week we will be looking at data storage. The term “storage” has many connotations in the world of IT and our goal this week it to provide answers to the dilemma of, “how do I deal with all the data being generated?” Important question and we have answers.


There is probably no greater reality for all businesses, regardless of size or type, than data growth. How do we manage? How do we share? How do I find what I need? How do we collaborate? Where do we put all this “stuff?”


To answer all those questions, our preferred solution for business is utilizing Box. I am not talking about Dropbox, the more familiar on-line storage vendor, but Box ( They are a cloud-hosted solution developed ground-up for business, not consumers. What do they offer for your business?



  • Secure File Sharing: sending files via email is insecure, and for large files, takes a lot of time. Box shared links allows for password-controls, expiration dates and restricted access/download capabilities.


  • File Synchronization: Secure Sync automatically sync files between your desktop and online Box folders. You have access to everything, anywhere, on any device.


  • Online Collaboration: sharing files is as easy as drag-and-drop into a folder that can be shared via a link. Tight controls and file-based encryption in transit and at rest, ensures only those who need to see your data, do.


  • Security Policy: flag confidential data, create policies to track abnormal downloads, get alerts to risks of data loss. You can secure data from individuals to unwanted domains.


  • Workflow Management: moving data from one folder to another, automatically publishing approved information to individuals or groups, can all be done via Box.


  • HIPPA, EU and Swiss Safe Harbor Certified: Box has taken every precaution to ensure personally identifiable information stays that way, as well as mechanisms to provide reporting, logging and audit trails to make sure.


Box. It is what helps businesses make sense of data sprawl – quickly, securely and inexpensively.


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