The Net Neutrality Debate – Part 2

Have you heard about the latest proposals from the FCC on “net neutrality?” Do you care? If you don’t, you should.


One of the false promises, in my view, of the proposed regulation is that the FCC Chairman says that the proposal will not impose rate regulation or tariffs on Internet services. What about future commissions Mr. Wheeler? When the dust settles and politicians see a money source, will they change their minds? The current commissions cannot bind the actions of future commissions.


Even if they don’t deal with pricing directly, how many people, processes and capital will businesses have to employ to meet compliance and reporting obligations? Does Mr. Wheeler think those things will not come at a price and for what? The consumer and businesses will foot the bill.


Bottom line: net neutrality is a solution looking for a problem. The government sold us down the road with the Affordable Care Act – which was not “affordable” as promised. Be sure that net neutrality will not be “neutral” to either your pocketbook or your access.



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