Super Bowl and Allison – What is the @ again?



Super Bowl commercials.  Typically, they are one of the highlights of the “Big” day but his year, however, I would say was an exception.  No one commercial really hit a broad appeal and created something that went “viral.”.


I did find one humorous, however, and that was the BMW commercial with Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric trying to come to terms with the “internet” and that “a” symbol-thingie.  (See video below)


That was 21 years ago and today we take those things as common knowledge.  It made me think of cloud voice communications in 2015 – what do you know (or think you know?)  Some observations for you to ponder.


Voice can go anywhere.

Voice can be sent to (almost) any device.

Voice can be sent to different places simultaneously.

Voice can turn into something besides voice.


Like Allison, we will examine these concepts this week.  Allison?


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