Office 365 Plans for Business

There are a variety of Office 365 plans. Some are for single users while others are for business. It can be difficult to know which would best fit your needs. Thankfully, Microsoft has made it easy to compare one to the other. The link below (Office 365 Subscription Plans) will enable you to view all of their offerings in one place. There are two Tabs: one labeled “Home” and the other labeled “Business.” Since most of our visitors are looking for “Business” solutions, that’s the Tab you should choose. The features offered and prices are compared side-by-side.  In subsequent posts, we will examine the different “Business” versions of Office 365.

If you want to explore Office 365 plans for an Enterprise level setting, you need to open the Products drop-down menu listed to the right of the word “Office” and select Enterprise.  Then choose “Compare Plans and Pricing” to compare the Enterprise plans available.  There are four plans described.  Future posts will compare and contrast them.

Take your time reviewing the comparisons among the choices. If you need help deciding which is appropriate for you, we would be happy to discuss them with you.  Just click on this Button and complete your contact information.


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Office 365 Subscription Plans