Microsoft Teams – What’s in it for your team?

Introduced in 2017, Microsoft Teams provides a platform that combines workplace chat, meetings, notes/attachments and calendaring to Office 365.  For current subscribers, Teams is incorporated into the office productivity suite that includes Office and Skype.  While Teams is currently limited to Office 365 subscribers, Microsoft plans to expand the capabilities to include outside organizations.

So, what is Teams?

The Team Itself:  Allows communities and groups to form a unique team, where all communications and data specific to that team lives.  Users can be members of multiple teams and all communication is segregated so that the review of news and data can be quickly and easily accessed.

Messaging:  What does the team prefer?  Email? Messaging? What about replying with images, GIFs or custom-made memes? You can use those too!  Teams also allows users within the team to send direct messages to specific users vs. the entire team.

Conferencing:  Need to get on an ad-hoc video or audio conference? Teams allows members to connect with specific team members or all team members with just a few clicks.  It’s never been easier to target who you need on call, quickly and easily.

Meetings:  One of the greatest challenges with bringing teams together is having a common calendar.  Each team has a specific calendar (or calendars) to arrange all events and meetings.


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