How to Manage Your Team Better With Microsoft Planner.

Managing a team can often seem nothing short of chaotic, especially in a thriving office environment. Whether it’s strategizing, task assigning, file sharing, or just simply organizing– you do it all. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. With Office 365, you can do all this and more in one place.

Here are the three benefits of using Microsoft Planner.

Staying Organized. By using Planner, you can quickly and easily create new plans, build teams, assign tasks, and update the status of your projects in just a few clicks. Every plan you create has its own unique board where you can categorize each task by status or the person(s) it is assigned to.

Work Together Efficiently. One of the most difficult aspects of planning is teamwork. Planner makes teamwork easy by always providing team members a list of the current tasks and who is working on them. It also makes for easy file sharing, project collaboration, and even messaging.

Use Mobile Devices? No Problem. Planner works well across all devices. This allows for quick and easy conversation and collaboration among team members. Your team will always be up to date on the latest plans no matter what device they’re on, and will get email notifications when assigned to a new task.


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