Hosted PBX – Ready or Not?

The “Tele” of things …

Aesop, in his fable of “The Fox and the Lion,” is credited with the idiom “familiarity breeds contempt”.  I think the same can be said of the English language, as we often don’t know the origin, or even the meaning, of certain words.  Case in point for me recently, the term “tele.”  The origin is Greek, the meaning is “from afar.”  After a half century of using it, I finally know the meaning.  Never too late, I guess. (Insert joke of your choice here.)


Telecommunications (“Communicating from afar”)

Gartner estimates that in 2014 the telecommunications market will be 45% of all IT spend: $1.72 trillion worldwide.  This spend will be allocated among goods and services supporting the industry and, given the large amount of money being spent, brings up the question of how are those dollars being spent.  As a business owner or IT manager, how are your telecommunications dollars being spent?

Here are three questions to ask.


1.      Do you regularly make changes to your telephony system?

If your answer is “No” then your money is not being spent on a business-generating asset.  The trademark of proprietary phone systems of the past is that they were closed systems; meaning, unless you had in-house skills and knowledge no changes were possible.

The correct answer is “yes.”  Having the ability to easily manipulate your system to customize your callers experience is a critical differentiator.  If your system doesn’t allow for this capability, time to look elsewhere.  Time to look at hosted PBX.


2.      Are people calling you able to “follow” you – wherever you are and on whatever device you are using?

Your system should have the ability to extend calls to mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops) and to customize the out-of-office experience for callers, at a minimum.  The proliferation of mobile devices allows your customers to call you from anywhere, you should be able to answer from anywhere.

While on the island of Crete in 2013 my mobile phone (Droid) was connected to the Starbuck’s Wifi (yes, they have Starbucks in Crete.)  Though our cloud-hosted PBX I received calls like I was sitting at my desk, for free.  That’s hearing voices “from afar.”


3.      Do you know what your “per-person” cost is for telephony?

If this is a complicated process of gathering costs for on-going maintenance and licensing to your phone system provider, allocating costs for multiple PSTN line charges as well as internal support personnel, etc. then you are in the wrong model.

The cost in a hosted PBX model are on a monthly “per-user” basis so the costs are easily understood.  They are also an operations-based, monthly expense vs. a long-term capital outlay.  Financial freedom and flexibility of hosted PBX is the right model.


If you would like to explore more about if hosted PBX is right for you, contact us and we can provide the details you need via a no-obligation evaluation, a 30-day trial, or a ROI analysis – all at no cost to you.


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