Hosted PBX – How Will It Help My Business? Your Connections to the World of Business

This week we will be concentrating on the question of “How can changing to a hosted PBX solution for your telephony needs help your business?” Important question and we have answers.


On Day 5, a summary of Soteria’s uConnect offering. When you boil all the advantages of cloud-hosted PBX, they can make a substantial impact financially, administratively as well as bringing new capabilities – what do these mean for your business?


  • Unlimited Domestic Calling: no more charges for domestic long-distance

  • Keep existing number or get a new one:  bring 800- or local-numbers with you! New business? Let us help you pick a new one

  • Enable BYOD devices (mobile/tablet): integration with bring-your-own-devices is critical in today’s business environment, we meet your needs.

  • HD Voice Quality: crystal clear voice.

  • Call forward to mobile: or to any other device or person(s).

  • Voicemail to email: a must-have for ease of access.

  • Auto-attendant: don’t let the phone ring and ring if you are not there – provides a voice for your business when you are not there.

  • Conference Bridge: each account comes with conference bridge capability to connect multiple employees, customers, vendors, etc. at the same time!

  • All-inclusive pricing: no multi-page, acronym-filled, fine print billing statements – just a few easy to understand line items each month.

  • No long-term contracts: if you like us, keep us; if not, we’ll help you transition your numbers to someone else.


Making your business communication system an asset is what uConnect is all about: you connecting to the world of business.


Ask for a free trial or quote today. Or, if you would like to discuss Soteria’s portfolio of uConnect offerings, please schedule a time to connect! (Click HERE)