Hosted PBX – How Will It Help My Business? Reliability

This week we will be concentrating on the question of “How can changing to a hosted PBX solution for your telephony needs help your business?” Important question and we have answers.


On Day 4, we are exploring reliability. Having a phone that is unreliable is like having no phone at all. When people call, phones need to work. Soteria’s uConnect provides world-class reliability – what does this mean for your business?


  • Powered by top-tier datacenters: what this means is that your system is replicated at multiple sites across the United States.

  • Managed 24/7 by a team of experts: some of the top voice experts are on your team, you just don’t have to hire them!

  • Vigilant system monitoring: having immediate access to system health and uptime is critical, and it’s yours 24×7.

  • High-availability components: built on state-of-the-art technology, our customers have to access the same components that Fortune 100 companies utilize every day.

  • Redundant network providers: the datacenters are connected to multiple network providers for multi-layer redundancy.


Reliability. It’s what the traditional Bell System was built on and what people have come to expect in their telephone system. In 2015, you can have the same reliability with cloud-hosted PBX.


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