Hosted PBX – How Will It Help My Business? No Capital Investment

This week we will be concentrating on the question of “How can changing to a hosted PBX solution for your telephony needs help your business?” Important question and we have answers.


The first way is that it requires no (or very little) capital investment. Unlike on-premise systems, almost all of the headache of ownership is off-loaded to the hosted provider. What does this mean for your business?


  • No hardware to buy: …or ship, or receive, or install, or set-up.

  • No licenses: since you don’t own the equipment, there are no annual expenditures to make sure you are “up-to-date.”

  • Simple single monthly charge: ease of knowing and predicting cost.

  • No dedicated voice circuits: give up paying for phone and fax lines (T1’s, fractional T1’s, etc.) All you need is an internet connection.

  • No new features costs: something upgraded on the system? You get it without paying more (o installing anything.)

  • Easy scalability, even for new sites: expansion is as easy as plugging in a phone to the network.

  • Unlimited or pay-per-use conferencing: no more contracts to manage and pay for.

  • Promotion eliminates phones cost: in most situations, basics user phones come free.


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