Evolution or Transforming? The answer is …

Yesterday, we looked at the numbers. Today, the answer to the question: Is cloud technology revolutionizing or transforming the way we consume IT?




For some organizations, the cloud is an evolution. Taking existing capabilities and changing how they are delivered. A great example are the capabilities traditionally delivered by Microsoft. Email, Office – now delivered via one platform in the cloud – Office365. Same capabilities, different delivery.


For other organizations, the cloud is a transformation. Taking existing capabilities and replace with something completely new. A local cloud company – TSheets – took time tracking from pencil and paper/Excel spreadsheet to a completely new paradigm and are enjoying tremendous success. Same result (tracking time) transformational process.


So, evolution or revolution? The cloud is both. How is it revolutionizing business, more on that tomorrow?


[This series will be focusing on the question of, “Is cloud technology revolutionizing or transforming?”]