Evolution or Transforming? Revolutionizing Business Practices

Last time we answered the question. Yes, the cloud is both evolutionary and transformative. Today, a look at examples.


How is the cloud revolutionizing business practices?


New paths to new business models. Business in the cloud can happen anywhere, at any time, by anyone. No geographic “location” to lease or buy as a business owner. No showroom to fund and refresh. No rules that typically constrain a go-to-market strategy, whether you are a mom-and-pop or multinational. Dream.


No barriers. A new formula etched in the proverbial cloud should be:

Mobile device + internet connection = new business.


No longer “sell and run.” Mentality of the cloud it long-term. That alone has meaning to those who get long-term. Customer service, great customer service, is mandatory for survival.


Ready for the cloud as a business and/or as a consumer? The next post will address the transforming of business economics.


[This series will be focusing on the question of, “Is cloud technology revolutionizing or transforming?”]