Evolution or Transforming? Numbers Don’t Lie

Yesterday it was a question of “what is cloud?” Today, what are the impacts and specifically, how many people are moving capabilities to the cloud?


Back on the late 80’s, personal PC’s became cool. What a change in how people related to machines at work and at home. Then comes the 90’s and the Internet and these machines (computers) started talking to each other. Fast forward to the 2000’s and everything social – people are now talking … en masse. Now, the cloud – taking computers, people and combining them into one massive conversation. The world is talking 24×7.


Quantifying the impact.


How much is the world changing to cloud? Here are some of the latest statistics.


2017 – Small businesses (<1,000) will buy 9 cloud services. Many of these will be net new business relationships, not partners of the past.


2018 – 27%, nearly one-third, of all software will be cloud-based. It is the fastest growing business segment in IT, software-as-a-service.


So, evolution or revolution? Cloud is both. More on that tomorrow.



[This series will be focusing on the question of, “Is cloud technology revolutionizing or transforming?”]