TED Talk Friday: Driverless Cars

I, too, lost close friends during high school to car accidents – two in one accident.  I see a lot of promise in this technology.  Won’t bring back lives, but can save them going forward.  Sebastian, we hope your dream comes true.




Case Study – Configured for Community


Today, we are continuing our focus this week on how we have assisted businesses in moving away from on-premise PBX system to the cloud. Today we highlight Boise First Community Center that has activities happening in their building 7 days a week. A real story, with real people and real-time application of cloud-hosted technology.


Situation: an existing on-premise 25-year old AT&T PBX, with parts failing and very limited access for reeplacements. As a non-profit entity, the cost of replacing the unit with another on-premise PBX that fit their needs was in the 10’s of thousands of dollars. The church is also a “community center”, catering to other not-for-profits during the week while still functioning as a mainstream religious denomination.

The customer needed a solution that allowed for directing and capturing calls that could not be answered both in- and out-of-hours, ability to attach multi-function analog printers/copiers, have public-accessible phones in common spaces, delineate multiple entities under one system (library, pre-school and church) and handle faxing.


Solution: Soteria utilized cloud-based hosted VoIP solution with Cisco ATA’s in conjunction with Meraki cloud-based networking.


Results: Soteria was able to shape the customer’s broadband traffic via Meraki firewall and integrate a 100% cloud-based VoIP system. With the customized auto-attendant capability, Boise First was able to route call traffic and change messaging on demand. For the multi-function printers, Soteria was able to replace the analog landline connection with a Cisco ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) and make the system cloud-connected.


Overall, Boise First was able to forego spending thousands of dollars in capital acquisition as well as years of on-going maintenance and support costs for a new on-premise PBX. They are also able to customize the system via the customer portal and configure their phone system as they need, when they need.


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