Does Office 365 Make Financial Sense? Yes. Here’s Why.

As a business owner or consultant, you may have asked yourself many times whether an application or platform is worth the cost. While everyone has their own unique filtering criteria, we would like to share some of our thoughts based on the deployment of Office 365 across organizations large and small.

Does Office 365 make financial sense?  Here are some things to consider.

Pay-as-you-go.  Rarely do cloud platforms allow companies the flexibility to subscribe individual users with only the services they need.  Enter Office 365.   Each user is matched with a licensing model that fits their particular role in the organization.  Only need mail?  No problem.  Need just applications?  No problem.  Need everything plus legal hold for the HR Director?  No problem.

With pay-as-you-go pricing you can also increase or decrease subscriptions monthly, add other Office 365 products (Project, Visio, Dynamics, etc.) on the fly, all giving a real-time, predictable monthly cost.

Financially-back uptime guarantee.  The Office platform was built for reliability, availability and performance from day one.  With geo-redundant, enterprise-grade data centers, Microsoft guarantees a 99.9% uptime per year.  (Translated, that means about 40 minutes of downtime, per year.)  For a small to medium-sized business to duplicate this means thousands of dollars and a lot of headaches.  With Microsoft, if they don’t meet that criteria, they owe you money!

Don’t throw away licenses.  How many times have you bought a computer system with Office.  What happens when the system becomes end of life, do you retain the license?  About 80% of users do not. And when they buy a new system, they buy it all over again!  Good for Microsoft, not so good for the business owner.  With Office 365 you never have to worry about throwing away your investment.  The software is always there, always up to date, and can be turned on and –off whenever you want.

Professional image for your business.  As of mid-2016, there were 1.2 billion Office users worldwide and 60 million Office 365 customers.  Federating with other companies through Office 365 – allowing intranet-like connection capabilities with Skype, messaging, etc. – gives small and medium businesses an enterprise-like image.

You can be the judge of what applications and costs make sense for your business, but the 1.2 billion Office 365 users worldwide tell a pretty compelling story.


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