How You Can Benefit From Doing Business On Your Cell Phone

So what’s the deal?

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you may find yourself constantly trying to achieve balance between your everyday work and personal life. In today’s modern business world, the use of social media has made it more difficult than ever to reach an equilibrium point. Because of this, it’s often thought that having separate phones is the best solution to this problem.

However, thanks to the cloud, that’s no longer the case. Why not?

The Cost of Money and Convenience

For one, by having multiple mobile devices, you are not only having to pay numerous monthly data fees but also for the device itself. The same goes for traditional PBX systems, where you have to pay the provider for hardware, installation, and maintenance. And while you may be able to write them off as business expenses on your taxes, it could be at the cost of hundreds of dollars.


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Not only is money a major issue, but also convenience. How many times do you travel a year? If you are one to travel a lot, then you already know the struggle of having to move everything you need from one place to the next. It’s not as easy as it looks to carry around and set up various devices in each airport, hotel, or conference room you occupy.

So if this isn’t the solution, then what is?

Simplifying calling through the cloud

When it comes to doing business, the cloud provides limitless features that go above and beyond traditional thinking. Ever wanted to transfer business calls to your cell phone? Instead of paying for an extra phone plan or on-premise system, you can now move your business line right to your personal mobile phone– while still appearing as your business number. This enables the user to be able to take a business call whenever and wherever they are.

It also provides users with other unique functions such as moving ongoing calls from one phone to another without hanging up, mobile access from any and all devices and assigning a specific (even temporary) location to receive calls. 


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By increasing your mobility you’re more likely to stay connected with potential prospects, clients, and business partners, which gives you the opportunity to increase your current revenue. The demand for these “on the go” communication tools is on the rise with the ever-changing market.


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