How to Become More Efficient with Office 365

What is productivity? Productivity (pro·duc·tiv·i·ty) is the effectiveness of productive effort, especially in industry, as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input.

It used to be that productivity was tangible.  One could see how many cars were produced a day in a given manufacturing plant in Detroit.  If 800 people walked into the factory and 800 cars were made on day one, but the same number of people produced 900 cars the next month, they increased productivity.

Today, increasing productivity is not as easy to gauge.  Being predominately an information-based society, much of our productivity is now based on many other, more intangible, factors.  How much data can be collected, sorted and analyzed in a given day?  How do we increase productivity for a team of three people, all needing to proof-read and edit the same text?  How do we take data and people and make them more productive?  Office 365.

The platform.  Office 365 is no longer a collection of disparate applications.  It is a platform.  It takes programs you already know and use (Outlook, Excel, Word, etc.) and provide a powerful integrated platform that allows sharing, collaboration and synchronization of data and documents like never before.  Combined with the fact that this access is anytime, anywhere on any device, makes Office 365 a universal productivity tool of choice for 60 million businesses worldwide.

Share internal or external.  Using the platform within your organization is great, connecting to those external to your organization is even more powerful.  Allow customers to participate in on-line meetings, share documents, participate in messaging and chat, all the while keeping your data and people safe and secure.

Connect everywhere.  While we still have geographic boundaries in our world, virtual boundaries have fallen with the cloud.  Having colleagues in other states, or continents, no longer matters in the quest to increase productivity.  Office 365 allows everyone to work in their own part of the world, connected to every other part of the world.

Connect on anything.  As the proliferation of smart-mobile devices has proliferated so has the desire to utilize them for business.  With Office 365, each user can use the on-line portal from any browser-capable device, or the full applications can be installed on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or desktops.  This allows the office to be at the office, or at home, on the airplane, at the hotel, at the restaurant, at the ballgame … you get it.

Productivity– making tomorrow more efficient than today.  That is Office 365.



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