Case Study – Green is the Color of Money

Today, we are continuing our focus this week on how we have assisted businesses in moving away from on-premise PBX system to the cloud. Today we highlight The Christensen Group, an entity in Boise, Idaho that manages the most technologically advanced buildings in Idaho – The Banner Building. A real story, with real people and real-time application of cloud-hosted technology.


Situation: Decade-old, on-premise PBX that is shared with tenants in the building was becoming harder to manage and the costs were escalating. Christensen was looking for alternative offerings for their customers that leveraged their shared broadband access but no longer required them to maintain and manage the PBX.


Solution: Soteria offered a cloud-based hosted VoIP solution including phones, fax, conference room, and lobby phone options for building tenants.


Results: Tenants liked the plug-and-play aspect and the cost point of the Soteria solution. Provisioned on-line, the phones arrived on location ready to be plugged-in and deployed. The customization that could be done quickly – from programming the auto-attendant, to setting-up hunt groups, call forwarding, mobile integration, and bringing over existing numbers – were all important features for building tenants.


The Banner Bank Building is an amazing example of “green” architecture (click for more information) and now the tenants there have an amazing hosted PBX, powered by Soteria’s uConnect.


If you would like to discuss Soteria’s portfolio of uConnect offerings, please schedule a time to connect!

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