Case Study – Gold at the End of the Rainbow

We are continuing our focus this week on how we have assisted businesses in moving away from an on-premise PBX system to the cloud. Today we highlight Camp Rainbow Gold, a non-profit in Boise Idaho that helps families deal with childhood cancer. A real story, with real people and real-time application of cloud-hosted technology.


Situation: separating from the American Cancer Society, Camp Rainbow Gold needed a new office and a new phone system. Being a not-for-profit, cost was an important factor in their decision. With offices in Boise, ID and another in Ketchum, Idaho, there was also distance to consider as well as having a system that is able to answer and direct calls 24×7.


Solution: Soteria utilized a cloud-based hosted VoIP solution in conjunction with Meraki cloud-based networking.


Results: Soteria was able to deliver a hosted VoIP system that allowed each individual to be represented to callers via a unique greeting as well as greetings on in-bound calls to match regular hours, off-hours, and holidays. Soteria also incorporated a cloud-based Meraki firewall (MX60W) that allows us full-access to their network remotely as well as shaping broadband traffic and guaranteeing voice quality.

When the Ketchum office needed connectivity, they were added to the cloud-based system and integrated with Boise overnight. With four digit dialing between the sites, allowing others to cover unanswered calls while being two-hundred miles away, and having simultaneous ringing on two phones for inbound calls were all features that created value for CRG.


Camp Rainbow Gold is an amazing customer: not because they are our customer; rather, because of the mission they have in our world. They provide camps for kids stricken with cancer as well as resources for siblings and parents in coping with this awful disease.  Please consider supporting this great cause –


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